This project centers on stormi, a cutting-edge innovation in the beverage industry, developed through the collaborative efforts of myself and my good friend and designer, Tina Zopf. With the aim of producing a product that is distinct and innovative, differentiating it from the competition and delivering a new and enjoyable drinking experience for consumers. Additionally, our focus extends to the advertising campaign and marketing strategy, ensuring that Stormi is effectively communicated and widely recognized.
The project stormi is a product development aimed at solving a common problem faced by party-goers in clubs, especially in Austria. Stormi Iceglass aimed to address two main issues faced by club-goers in Austria - the poor value for money in terms of the amount of drink for the price and the need for refreshment after a night of partying. Often, people opt to order drinks without ice due to the low quantity of drink they receive for the high price. To tackle this problem, the developers created the stormi Iceglass, a unique product that combines the American bar culture with the Austrian party culture. The coolness of the stormi Iceglass revitalizes the senses and provides a sense of inner peace and balance in the hot, humid environment of the club, mixed with sweat and fog machines. The instant contact with skin provides an invigorating feeling. With stormi, party-goers can refresh themselves and get the energy they need to keep partying all night long.
The stormi Iceglass is made of 100% frozen water and provides consumers with pure refreshment and regeneration after an intense night of dancing. The glass does not need to be filled with numerous ice cubes, which saves space and helps to keep the drink colder for a longer period of time. The consumers are free to choose what they want to fill the glass with, and stormi Iceglass is designed to complement any bar drink.
The coldness of stormi revitalizes the senses and provides a feeling of inner peace and balance. The contact with the skin immediately provides a revitalizing feeling, making it the perfect solution for those who want to refresh themselves in a hot and sticky atmosphere filled with sweat and smoke. The developers of stormi aim to provide club-goers with the necessary refreshment they need to keep dancing in such conditions.
In conclusion, stormi is an innovative solution for club-goers who want to keep their drinks cold and refresh themselves in a hot and sticky environment. The stormi Iceglass provides a unique experience and offers an alternative to traditional drinks and ice cubes.
Corporate Design

The corporate design of a brand is a crucial aspect in creating a strong and recognizable image. The choice of name is the flagship and the name that will be associated with our product in the minds of the public. To increase brand recognition, a name was chosen that is easily pronounced and already known. Finally, the name »stormi« was born. In German, »stürmisch« means stormy and embodies the mood not only in the club but also in the bodies of people who have had a bit too much to drink. A stormy mood that clearly seeks to cool down. In the eye of the storm, there is stillness. This is where the consumer is led when they come into contact with our product.
The final version of the logo features an elegant typeface. The ends of the individual letters were fused into a single script. The similar stems of the font also reinforce the wave theme, which can extend indefinitely between the m and i. This resulted in not only the stormi logo but also the stormi mesh. This can be used alternatively or in combination with the logo and serves as a decorative element.


The poster series is a marketing campaign for the product »stormi«. The idea behind the campaign is to showcase the benefits of the product, which provides refreshment, balance and energy boost, especially during long and exhausting party nights. The posters use glitter as a visual representation of the product's impact on the body, with different levels of glitter effect to symbolize the varying levels of refreshment.
The design of the posters features time stamps in the lower half, with the positioning of the text element on the x-axis relative to the time. The time stamp is paired with a photo that shows the mood of the model, which becomes increasingly in need of refreshment, balance, and energy boost as the night goes on.
The posters are displayed in urban areas and are particularly eye-catching at night when they are illuminated by LED spots, highlighting the character of the posters even more. They are also displayed in public transportation areas to reach a wider audience and to subconsciously influence potential customers for later purchasing decisions.
The posters can also be found in selected bars and clubs that sell the frozen glasses, serving both informative and stylistic purposes to further encourage partygoers to enjoy the product. The posters can be combined with a call-to-action, using the currently popular trend of neon signage to add a »stay hydrated« message or a guide system that says »Cocktails, Dancefloor, Terrace«.

Web and Mobile

In order to effectively promote their product innovation, Stormi utilizes a combination of web design and social media advertising. On their website, they start with an opening video showcasing their product, which is a frozen ice glass that is served with a thick wall to prevent it from melting too quickly. The video explains the idea behind Stormi and how the glass can be easily dissolved in water after use. On social media platforms such as Instagram, Stormi continues to showcase their product and its unique features, using eye-catching visuals and creative content to grab the attention of their target audience. This combined approach helps to build brand awareness and interest in Stormi, ultimately leading to increased sales and success for the company​​​​​​​
Stormi has utilized Instagram as a platform to promote its product innovation, a frozen ice glass for drinks. On their Instagram page, they showcase the product through visually appealing posts and videos to attract and educate their target audience about the unique concept of the frozen ice glass. They also interact with their followers by responding to comments and creating engaging content such as tutorials on how to use the product. By utilizing the power of social media, Stormi aims to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, and build a strong online community around their product.
Media in use

Stormi, as a brand, has implemented a unique and creative approach to advertising by incorporating various elements within the club setting. At the club entrance, they aim to create a memorable first impression with their signature design. The stairs and urinal serve as unexpected locations for branding, with eye-catching patterns that capture the attention of club-goers. Cocktail umbrellas and accessories like earrings and a scarf have been designed to add a touch of luxury to the club experience and also serve as a way for people to show their association with the brand. By using these different elements, Stormi aims to leave a lasting impression on its customers and establish a strong presence within the club culture.
At the club entrance, the stormi Mesh has been used to create an eye-catching first impression and to attract attention from clubgoers. This helps to make the logo more familiar to them even before they enter the club.
The stairs at the club also serve as a form of advertising for the brand. The stormi Mesh on the stairs starts with »stormmmm...« at the top step and runs in a classic wave pattern until the bottom step, ending with »...mmmi«. This creates the idea that the clubgoer should grab a stormi drink from the bar rather than leaving the club.
The urinal is another place where stormi has utilized advertising in a creative way. The stormi Mesh on the urinal changes color when it comes into contact with urine, which keeps the male clubgoers entertained and indirectly influenced by the brand.
The stormi Cocktail Umbrellas are a unique and elegant alternative to the traditional colorful umbrellas used for cocktails and long drinks. They are a small gift for bar guests and contribute to the overall image of the brand.
The stormi Earrings and Scarf are two clear »it-pieces« that make the wearer stand out. Both items contain the brand's symbol and are made of high-quality materials. The earrings are made of sterling silver and have a ball-shaped stud. The scarf, made of silk, is perfect for keeping the wearer warm on cold nights, both before and after the club.

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