This project aims to explore and showcase the rich and diverse world of Austrian Prädikatsweine, with a particular focus on the wine-growing regions near Lake Neusiedl. Prädikatsweine, or quality wines with specific attributes, offer a unique and fascinating tasting experience that goes beyond the traditional perception of sweet wines.
The project will delve into various aspects of Austrian winemaking, starting with an overview of general wine production across the country. The diverse range of grape varieties cultivated and their specific vineyard locations will be explored, providing insights into the terroir and regional characteristics that contribute to the wines' exceptional quality.
Furthermore, the project will examine the influence of Botrytis cinerea, the »noble rot« fungus, on the vineyards, as it plays a crucial role in the production of certain Prädikatsweine. The methods of grape harvesting, grape processing, and the preservation of residual sweetness will be discussed, shedding light on the meticulous techniques employed by winemakers to craft these exceptional wines.
The project will also explore the fascinating relationship between Prädikatsweine, food, and the principles of food pairing. It will provide practical guidelines for the storage and service of wines, as well as a comprehensive assessment framework for evaluating wine qualities and analyzing aromatic profiles.
By adopting an analytical and informative approach, this project aims to provide readers with valuable insights into the diverse world of Austrian Prädikatsweine. It seeks to immerse readers in the captivating diversity of this unique wine-producing country and foster a greater appreciation for the Prädikatsweine crafted in the region surrounding Lake Neusiedl.
The ultimate goal of this project is to enhance the understanding and appreciation of Prädikatsweine, enabling wine enthusiasts to delve deeper into their complexity, and highlighting the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into producing these remarkable wines.
Discover the world of Prädikatsweine with this comprehensive guide, spanning 160 pages and featuring a collection of 54 captivating photographs and 13 informative graphics. The stunning visuals, captured by and commissioned by Neusiedlersee DAC, bring to life the breathtaking beauty and diversity of the unique wine region. Through its 14,600 words, this book not only immerses readers in the fascinating aspects of wine production but also aims to deepen their appreciation for Prädikatsweine. Whether you're a wine enthusiast or a professional, this publication is a valuable resource. Additionally, the images sourced from enhance the presentation of the content, capturing the pristine nature surrounding Lake Neusiedl in an impressive and captivating way.

 printed on Munken polar rough 100g
closed format
159x215 mm / 6,2x8,4 inch

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