The following posters are two infographics dealing with the same topic: peelers. In the beginning, a collection of 26 peelers was collected. In the main topic, they are all peelers, but if you have a closer look, you will see that they are not as similar as they appear.
The one, quite colorful, poster deals with the peelers in general, displays an illustration in scale and color. A little note refers to the manufacture.
The second poster is more abstract in its way. On the first look, you will recognize hands. You are not wrong with that guess. Each hand represents a heatmap of the pressure points that appear, when you hold a peeler for five minutes, quite tight. This means, if you see a spot with tighter color, there is more pressure. Furthermore, the yellow colored heatmaps equals a peeler with a straight handle, a black colored one equals a freeformed handle. Additional information, informs about the material and the width of the peelers handle.
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