In this project, a group of talented and dedicated individuals, including Alina Bachfischer, Renée Fischer and myself, collaborated to enhance the user experience of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) App for a specific persona. Our persona was a foreigner with limited mobility due to a broken ankle, embarking on a journey from another country to a quaint town in Austria using the ÖBB services.
In our collaborative project to enhance the ÖBB App, we aimed to create a seamless and user-centric experience for travelers, especially those with limited mobility. One of our most significant additions was the incorporation of personalized widgets, tailored to each user's specific needs and preferences. These widgets can be easily edited and adjusted as desired, providing travelers with a truly customized journey.
One of the key features we introduced was a detailed plan of the route, including information on train switches, especially for unfamiliar train stations where orientation time may be limited. To aid passengers in their journey, we included floor plans of train stations, clearly marking the entry point for their train and the platform for their next connection. Additionally, the route planning feature showcased the fastest route, complete with estimated walk times, ensuring efficient transfers and a stress-free travel experience.
For passengers with specific mobility requirements, we went above and beyond to cater to their needs. We introduced an alternative route option that avoids stairs and instead utilizes elevators, promoting accessibility for all travelers.
A crucial aspect of our enhancements was the focus on passenger safety. By providing previously unseen details within the app, we aimed to instill confidence in travelers, ensuring they have the necessary information for a safe and comfortable journey with ÖBB.
Upon arrival at the final destination, passengers are greeted with a special »You Arrived« screen. This screen displays an image of their destination, expressing gratitude for choosing ÖBB. To share their journey with loved ones or to showcase their current location, passengers have the option to easily post this screen on social media with just one click.
The addition of these user-focused features not only elevates the ÖBB App's functionality but also creates a sense of inclusivity and care for all travelers. By personalizing the app experience and providing detailed route information, we aimed to empower passengers, making their ÖBB journey not only efficient but also enjoyable and worry-free.
Through this collaborative project, we have strengthened our understanding of user-centered design principles, accessibility considerations, and the value of tailoring app experiences to individual needs. Our enhanced ÖBB App is a testament to our commitment to providing travelers with a safe, relaxed, and personalized journey from start to finish.
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